Summer Pops of Pink

Summer Pops of Pink_Nancy Sparkles_6 We’re slowly but surely getting into the hotter degrees of the infamous Texas heat. As the temperature goes up, so do our skirt length in hopes that we can bear with the heat even through the short walk from the parking lot to the front door. Ask anyone, I am literally the worst person when it comes to staying sane in this Houston humidity. The stickiness has always been my biggest pet peeve during these hotter months, so much that I create a very specific work wardrobe that consists of 90% dresses and 10% skirts. My main concern is always comfort; I need to wear fabric that’s breathable and in shorter words: not tight. Today I’m showing you all one of my favorite outfits for when I have a day full of meetings or if I’ll be running around town during the workday. Adding summer pops of pink is the perfect way to give your outfit that sparkle factor.

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Playing With Emeralds This Summer

Green Dress 3_ Nancy Sparkles copy

As we’re heading into those hot Houston summer days (ignoring the current rainy situation), I’m ready to start busting out my colorful wardrobe. One of my most favorite colors that I love wearing is Emerald. Not only does it complement my skin tone so well, but I find that this color always makes me glow from within. As a confidence and mood booster, this J.Crew Daybreak Dress fits comfortably enough to be dressed up or down for any casual and special event.

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Bringing the Sunshine Back with Original Wear Travels Abroad

original wear_nancy sparkles_2 copy
Sunny Days. Remember those Houston? While life has been turning around, the weather unfortunately just doesn’t want to reflect my mood. The irony? It’s literally pouring outside as I’m writing this post. While I love a goodnight’s rest to the sound of rain, I’m not entirely fond of the nasty humidity that dawns on us all day. I guess you can say that I’ve been waiting anxiously for sunshine.

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My IKEA VITTSJÖ Coffee Table Hack

One boyfriend, several hours of research, 4 hours to paint until sundown and we got ourselves an IKEA VITTSJÖ Coffee Table Hack. As many of you know, I was in the process of moving for the past few weeks and unfortunately did not find the time to jot any blog posts down throughout the madness of the process. As sad as it was for me to let go of blogging for a few weeks, I was extremely excited about having a beautiful place with endless possibilities of better photos and post ideas. I anticipated the type motivation that would keep me inspired to continue writing and it’s exactly what I got and more. It’s not hard to believe that the environment that you live in affects your daily aspirations to do what you love. Now that I’m back and with lots of posts in queue, here’s my first one. I hacked IKEA’s Vittsjö nesting tables by painting it a beautiful gold color to embellish my new living room.

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Comfy and Cozy: 11 Pieces to Help You Stay Warm this Winter

Winter really is coming. While last year’s freezing temps didn’t last all too long, there were a few days where I just wanted to bite the bullet and buy those fluffy mocassins from Target to keep me warm, even if it was just for a short while. As many of you know, Houston’s winters are a joke, so making these type of purchases sometimes came with buyers remorse considering I’d use them only a handful of times during the season. However, changing my perspective of things, I decided comfy fashion needed to come to my closet this time around. I rounded up my current fluffy and winter-approved faves that will make anyone want to cozy up with a cup of salted hot cocoa and a book.


What are some of your winter must-haves? Let me know below!